The Best Gaming PC under $800 in 2022

$800 Gaming PC

An $800 gaming build should not only max out video games’ visuals but also provide you with enough power to quicken the processing in non-gaming tasks. If you are looking for such an $800 gaming PC, look no further.

We carefully select components for our gaming builds to meet your requirements without spending a lot of cash. The 800-dollar build we recommend will help you play games on ultra settings without dropping below 60 fps in every game.

We wrote this article that will guide you through building your $800 gaming PC from scratch and with all new parts. We have also listed some Pre-Builts at the end in case you want to save your time and effort.

What is a Gaming PC?

A Gaming PC essentially is a Desktop Computer that specializes in playing video games through the help of its configuration which consists of components powerful enough to render intensive graphics in games. A Gaming PC generally has the same components as the standard desktop PC except that its Processor and Graphics Processing Unit are significantly more powerful than the standard desktop.

A Gaming PC mainly uses 7 different components that are- Processor, GPU, RAM, Motherboard, Storage Drive, Power Supply, and PC Case with some having additional components such as aftermarket CPU coolers, Caes fans, and expansion cards for a more feature-rich gaming PC.

The Best Gaming PC under $700 in 2022

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Is $800 Good For a Gaming PC?

With 800 dollars in hand, you can achieve the sweet spot of gaming where you no longer have to compromise graphical settings for having 60+ fps at 1080p resolution. In order to build an awesome $800 gaming build, you need to divide the budget carefully and reserve some budget for each component to have a good balance and avoid bottlenecking.

In this build, we are looking at PC components that can last for a few years letting you play games on the highest settings at 1080p. We will also make sure that it is easily upgradeable so you don’t have to change the entire configuration just to hit your next goal.

Before moving on to the parts list, we recommend you read our suggestions on what you should be looking for in every component category.


It is recommended to get a CPU that features at least 6 cores with fast single-core performance and it will be better if also features hyper-threading. With 6 cores, you can do almost any task along with hardcore gaming. We are going to set a budget of around $150-$200 for the CPU alone.


The main function of the motherboard is to connect all the components to have a flow of data. We don’t advise spending a lot on it as it will have almost no impact on gaming and productivity performance. Rather we are looking for something that will provide all the necessary slots and ports for our components.


We are looking at 16GB RAM to have the best gaming performance. With 16GB of RAM, you will still have a good amount of RAM left while gaming that won’t pose a problem if you leave some files opened behind. 16GB of fast RAM will last for a while.

Graphics Card

The GPU is the most important component as most of the gaming load is directly on the GPU. To ensure a smooth gaming experience, you must get a GPU from one of the latest generations of Nvidia and AMD GPU series with at least 4GB of VRAM. It should max out games at 1080p resolution and should not cost more than $300-$350.

Storage Drive

To store a good number of games, we will need 1TB of fast storage. You should always go with either a SATA or NVME SSD as they are several times faster than the HDDs and use less space inside.

Power Supply

To make sure you can add some more components in the future or even add a better GPU, we are going to get at least a 650W reliable power supply. You should never try to cheap out here as your PC’s safety depends on the PSU. Your PSU should be at least 80 Plus rated and should have better voltage regulation, low noise, and all the necessary cables for powering the components.


Finally, we recommend going with an ATX mid-tower case to host all the components. It should be spacious, should have good airflow, and good components support.

Parts list For $800 Gaming PC


Intel Core i5 12400F
Intel Core i5 12400F
Cores/Threads- 6/12
Clock- 2.5/4.4GHz
TDP- 65W-117W
Overclocking- No

You will never go wrong with the Core i5 12400F CPU whether you are building a budget or a high-end gaming build. This chip is absolutely amazing for its price and is definitely one of the best if not the best 6-core gaming CPU for $175. It is made on a 10nm process node and features 6 cores/12 threads clocked at 2.5/4.4GHz.

It is a locked chip, and therefore, won’t require an overclockable chipset motherboard reducing our build expense. Many benchmarks have shown that it matches the performance of Ryzen 5000 processors including the 5600X at a lower price, however, the reason why we didn’t choose the 5600X is that AM5 is around the corner and you won’t be able to upgrade without changing your motherboard.

With Alder Lake i5 12400F, you can easily upgrade to a Raptor Lake CPU without changing your motherboard and have significant improvement in performance if you ever want to. From budget to high-end GPUs, the i5 12400F is capable of pushing the GPU to 100% without bottlenecking them at the least.

Graphics Card

XFX Speedster SWFT 210 Radeon RX 6600 CORE
XFX Speedster SWFT 210 Radeon RX 6600 CORE
Architecture- RDNA 2
Stream Processors- 1792
Clock- up to 2491MHz

We will use the best $300 GPU for this build which is the RX 6600 based on the RDNA 2 architecture. Unlike Nvidia GPUs, you will get it fairly cheaper and therefore, more performance for less money. The RX 6600 comes with 8GB of VRAM which is sufficient for putting every graphical setting on the ultra.

Almost every game can easily be maxed out with this GPU at 1080p resolution without dropping below 60 fps. Combined with the i5 12400F, you are going to have the best possible 1080p gaming CPU-GPU combo that will push each other to their full potential in intensive titles.


TeamGroup T-Force Vulcan Z 16GB DDR4
TeamGroup T-Force Vulcan Z 16GB DDR4
RAM size- 16GB(2x 8GB)
Type- DDR4
Clock- 3200MHz
CL Timings- 16-18-18-38

For eliminating all the possible memory bottlenecks in both gaming and non-gaming tasks, all you need is 16GB of RAM. The T-Force Vulcan Z 16GB kit has 2x 8GB memory modules for a dual channel configuration that yields more performance. The kit is clocked at 3200MHz and features tight CL timings of 16-18-18-38 for lower latency.

16GB RAM will last a good number of years and you won’t possibly be needing an upgrade any time soon except if you are a content creator who needs faster rendering and processing on higher resolutions.


Chipset- H610
RAM support- 64GB, 3200MHz
Storage- 4x SATA, 1x M.2
PCI-E slots- 1x PCI-E x1, 1x PCI-E x16

As we are using a locked 12th gen Core i5 CPU, we are better off with a locked chipset motherboard. Due to having a limited budget for the rest of the components, we are going with an H610 chipset that offers fewer slots/ports but is still sufficient for all of our components. The MSI PRO H610M-G features 2x DIMM slots for our RAM kit and a single PCI-E x16 slot for the graphics card.

It also features one PCI-E x1 slot for expansion cards where you can install a Wifi PCI-E card for wireless internet connectivity The motherboard is very basic but as we don’t have a lot of options under $100, we will settle with it especially when it comes with EZ Debug LEDs for troubleshooting your PC if there is ever an issue with booting windows.


Silicon Power A60 1TB
Silicon Power A60 1TB
Brand- PNY
Capacity- 1TB
Interface- M.2
Read/Write- 2200/1600MB/s

To store a good number of games and your files, you will need at least 1TB of storage. The Silicon Power A60 1TB SSD is a super fast NVME SSD that offers a sequential Read/Write speed of 2200/1600MB/s which will load your OS and games quickly.

It will be perfectly fine for a while and if you run out of space, you should add another 1TB or 2TB of SSD to have more storage space in the future.

Power Supply

EVGA SuperNOVA 650 G+
EVGA SuperNOVA 650 G+
Wattage- 650W
Power Efficiency- 80+ Gold
Type- Fully-Modular
Warranty- 10 years

To power the components, it is important to have a good wattage capacity so you can upgrade your system with a better GPU in the future or add some more components without worrying about the bottleneck.

We recommend the 650W PSU from EVGA that is from the SuperNova series which is among the top PSU series you can own right now. The 650W G+ PSU offers an 80 Plus Gold power efficiency rating, tight voltage regulation, lower noise, and good hold-up time.

Moreover, it is a fully modular unit that doesn’t come with thick cables pre-attached which makes cable management easier as you are going to use fewer cables. 650 watts is more than sufficient for our CPU, GPU, and other components and will allow further upgrades.


Corsair 4000D TG
Corsair 4000D TG
Type- ATX
Dimensions- 453 x 230 x 466mm
Weight- 7.85Kg
Material- Steel, Plastic

Corsair 4000D TG is a premium and gorgeous-looking mid-tower that is spacious enough even for big components. The case is particularly excellent with its cable management system that includes a dedicated pathway at the back to secure all the cables in one place and offers multiple routing holes everywhere.

There is a full-length PSU shroud at the bottom to cover the cable mess and your storage drives and on top, you will get a lot of room to work with. It can support multiple fans at the front and top as well as AIO coolers with radiators up to 360mm.

To show off the build, it is equipped with a tempered glass side panel that opens like a breeze and a vertical GPU mount feature if you would like to install your GPU facing the side. It’s an excellent and sturdy case under $80 that is available in White and Black colors.


Corsair 4000D




[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkmark-circle” wrap=”i” color=”green”] 1080P ULTRA SETTINGS, 1440P STARTER
[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkmark-circle” wrap=”i” color=”green”] SPACIOUS CHASSIS
[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkmark-circle” wrap=”i” color=”green”] ADEQUATE RAM, PSU & STORAGE
[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkmark-circle” wrap=”i” color=”green”] EASILY UPGRADABLE

Important Note

Links to Amazon UK and Amazon CA may contain different components depending on the availability and pricing. Most of the time these components will be RAM and Power Supply.

Is The $800 Gaming PC Upgradable?

Absolutely, even every custom gaming build we recommend here on BuildAPCGuide is upgradeable. The $800 Gaming PC has top-notch components in each category and we advise upgrading it if you have greater needs than this PC could offer. At the same time, we recommend choosing parts carefully in order to maintain the configuration balance and avoid possible bottlenecks.

While this PC will be perfectly fine if you upgrade to one of the best possible CPUs, GPUs, or Memories, we advise you to invest in other parts as well. The first upgrade for this PC we recommend is the graphics card. The Radeon RX 6600 is perfectly fine for 1080p gaming but if you want to max out games at 1440p or at 4K or if you want to have the extra eye candy by turning On the Ray Tracing in supported games, a powerful GPU like RX 6800 XT or an RTX 3070 Ti will be a game changer.

The i5 12400F will easily handle those GPUs but if you want to go with something like a 3090 Ti, we would recommend upgrading your CPU to something like an i7 12700K or higher. However, it is better to upgrade your motherboard before upgrading your CPU as we used a locked chipset, and installing an overclockable CPU like 12700K won’t do much good unless you are using a Z690 motherboard that allows overclocking and also offer more PCI-E lanes, more and faster ports/slots.

The next upgrade can be your RAM or storage. Adding another 16GB RAM kit of the same model will make your system a beast but keep in mind that you will only be able to add more RAM if you get a better motherboard as we have a board with only 2x DIMMs. For storage, you can add one more SSD with at least 1 or 2TB of storage space.

As for the PSU and Case, there is hardly any need to change them as they are capable of supporting most components in the market but please inform us in the comments if you are looking for something unusual like a very power-hungry GPU, CPU+Overclocking, and multiple RGB devices, etc.

Best PreBuilt PCs Under $800

We understand that building a gaming PC for yourself for the first time may not be an easy task. That is why we have PreBuilt gaming systems that also do a good job of providing a decent gaming experience and save you a lot of time. While we always and will always recommend building a PC by yourself as it offers better components and hence, better performance, we will still provide you with some decent options under $800 below.

Skytech Blaze II Gaming PC
Skytech Blaze II Gaming PC
Intel Core i3 10105F
Nvidia Geforce GTX 1650 Ti
16GB DDR4, 500GB SSD
Wifi and Windows 10 Home

For around $700, the Skytech Blaze II brings some decent configuration that comprises an Intel Core i3 10105F CPU with a GTX 1650 Ti. The Core i3 10th gen is a 4-core and 8-thread processor with some decent single-core performance that does very well with budget GPUs like the GTX 1650 Ti. You will get 16GB of DDR4 RAM and 500GB of SSD storage to start with.

This configuration is pretty much sufficient for playing games on high settings at 1080p resolution. However, it is still much inferior to our recommended custom gaming PC for under $800. The Skytech Blaze II also comes with pre-installed Wifi and Windows 10 Home to start with and a beautiful mid-tower case with some pre-installed RGB fans. So, pretty much ok for 700 bucks but not a killer deal.

SMXZ Gaming Desktop PC
SMXZ Gaming Desktop PC
Intel Core i3 12100F
AMD Radeon RX 6400
Windows 10 Pro

SMXZ Gaming desktop features a better CPU from the Alder Lake family and one of the best budget GPUs from the AMD RX 6000 series. The CPU-GPU combo here is also a good one with a Core i3 12100F CPU that features 4-cores and 8-threads and a Radeon RX 6400 GPU with 4GB VRAM.

Core i3 12100F is currently the fastest budget CPU under $130 and kills every processor in this price range from AMD and Previous Intel processors. The RAM, however, is not that good with only 8GB of size which may need an upgrade in the near future. The storage drive is a SATA SSD with 500GB of storage space and you get pre-installed Windows 10 Pro but no Wifi.

The best feature is its case which is a micro-ATX tower with RGB LEDs on the front panel and features pre-installed 6x 120mm RGB fans. This will easily save you around $50-$70 on the case fans and will provide a pretty decent airflow inside the chassis.

Intel Core i3 12100F
AMD Radeon RX 6500 XT
Wifi and Windows 11 Home

The CyberPowerPC Gamer Xtreme Gaming PC is currently the best PreBuilt under $800 with the Core i3 12100F and the fastest GPU under $200. The Radeon RX 6500 XT is a great GPU for 1080p gaming despite its PCI-E lanes limitation as there are currently no GPU under $200 that can beat it.

You can easily play most games on high settings and to start right away, the company is providing a gaming keyboard/mouse bundle which is unavailable in the PreBuilts listed above it. You also get pre-installed Wifi and Windows 11 Home on a fast NVME 500GB SSD. This is definitely our recommendation for those who don’t have time to build our $800 gaming build.

Final Words

We have provided the best possible configuration for the $800 custom gaming build that will own every other PC in 2022. Let us know if you need any help in building your PC or if you need any suggestions regarding the selection of PC components. We will try to get back to you in a day or two.

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